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Tue, Feb. 10th, 2009, 11:27 pm
Catching up

Well it has been a few weeks.
Life has been very busy.
Went to MidAtlantic Leather (MAL) at the beginning of January and had a great time.
There was a little drama but the greatness of the event and seeing friends and some of my chosen family out shined it. I was honoured to represent the Leather Uniform Club of Las Vegas (LUC of LV) during the parade of colors at Leather cocktails. Got home safely and then 4 days later Daddy H, Ms Perspone, Ms Moriha, boi Jai and myself drove down to Phoenix in two vehicles for the SouthWest Leather Conference (SWLC).

We got out of town a little later than we wanted but for me what happened an hour after being on the road was a forshadow of the great weekend to come. We all stopped at a roadside view point where I offered Daddy H my "Daddy" collar to be only in service to him for the weekend. Daddy H locked his pad lock on my collar accepting the sevice and trust i was offering him. Once he put that collar on I didn't have to think about or be responsible for anything unless Daddy H ordered it. The rest of the trip down was great. boi Jai rode with Daddy H and I for a while while Ms Persephone rode with Ms Moriha then they switched back. We got to the hotel, got registered for our room and for the weekend. I will say now there was drama again this weekend and on into the following week or two but that is all I am going to say about it. It is done and over with .

Being in total service, really in total service, is something this boy has always dreamed about but never really got to experience. I have always either community boy inservice to the community, family boy in service to family or uber in control boy (responsible for schedules and making sure the I and the Daddy I was with got to where we needed to be on time.) Daddy H was in control of all of that this weekend. I enjoy all of the other three forms of service but with Daddy H I was able to relax and enjoy being in service to only him and enjoy SWLC. Not discounting the complements from Daddy H, Ms Moriha, boi Jai and friends and family who recoginized that I was in service, the best complement of the weekend cam from Master Malik, Southwest Master 2008. He had seen me at SWLC and at Tribal Fire in Oklahoma City the prefious year. As we were hugging to say goodbye on Sunday night he pulled back from me looked me in the eye and said "Where the fuck have you been". He had seen me all weekend but i was not having to call attention to myself (even when I dressed to call attention to myself). I was just there enjoying the event. not running all over keeping track of Daddy and keeping us/him on schedule.

I got to spend time with friends and some more of my chosen Leather family. Was great to touch base and to thank the ones who had helped me through some tough times the previous year.

I was once again honoured to represent LUC of LV during SWLC's parade of colors during the Southwest Master and slave and Southwest Bootblack contest.

Daddy H and I also got to play at SWLC once in the onsite playspace and again in Ms Moriha and boi Jai's room. I don't remember a lot of it but what i do remember all I can say is "Oh My Fucking God" Daddy H scalped me in the playspace and slit my throat in the room. I still tremble when I think about it. Ms Moriha and boi Jai also played with me with Daddy H. I had so much happening to me when they were all three playing I didn't know if i were coming or going and when I went bye-bye i was gone for a bit. I felt them putting a zipper on me but i didn't know how long it was on and I didn't feel it when they pulled it off. Woof.

The Dance of Souls was phenominally out of this world. I was able to freely be in contact with the energies of the people, the earth and the people around me with no barriers. I was able to become a part of a greater whole let down pretty much all of my shields with out fear of hurting anyone.
I made connections with people I never ever thought I would be able to make a connection with, Master Taino in particular.

The most important thing that happened for me this weekend, besides being in wonderful service to Daddy H, is that I was proud of myself and that my trust in what a collar means had returned. I was even able to ask Daddy H to accept his own personal collar for me. I also invited Ms Moriha and boi Jai and of course Daddy H to be members of my chosen Leather Family, The Cobalt Phoenix Clan.

We all got home safely but very late after a long drive because of an accident on the regular route we would have taken home.

Since SWLC Daddy H has been going through some major life drama and I have been doing my best to be there for him when he needed me. I have been sending him energy when he needed it and casting protection spells.

Daddy H has come to mean a lot to me. His protection, care, dominance and understanding have been what has been missing in my life. And even though I tease him about it I honestly and truely DO NOT WANT sex from him. His playing with me, His ordering me, his taking control and his strength are more than enough.
That is all for now. I will do my best to not go quite so long without writing next time.